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Our Story

In 1990, Bob was introduced to the wonderful world of beekeeping.  This introduction turned into a commercial beekeeping career that spanned across three decades.

The beginning of each year was spent in the San Joaquin valley, so the bees could pollinate almond orchards and then move on to pollinate cherry and blueberry crops.  By the end of April, Bob would bring his bees home to beautiful North Idaho.  Here the bees would spend the summer making honey and strengthening their hives.  Around mid-November, the bees would be ready to head south for the winter.  From November until February, the bees would gather pollen and Bob would prepare them for the upcoming pollination season.  

Following the bees back and forth from Idaho to California, created a sort of gypsy life for Bob.  This worked well for him while he was single, but then he met me, Jaymie.  In 2007, our first daughter, Karlie, was born.  Our family grew some more in 2009, when our daughter, Macie, was born.  We became a family of five in 2011 when our son, Justice, was born.  With a wife and three kids at home, it got hard for Bob to leave for months at a time.  The kids and I would go to California with him, as often as we could.  However, this became nearly impossible once the kids started going to school.  We tried homeschooling a couple of times so that we could be with Bob, but realized that homeschooling was not for us.  So, with the kids in school and the bees needing their time in California, we had to endure long stretches of separation.  We continued this way for several years after we started our family.  

In the Spring of 2021, we made the difficult decision to sell all of our honey bees and focus solely on selling honey.  This decision has been a blessing!  We are able to run our honey business as a family and not have to be separated for any long periods of time

Thank you for visiting our website!  We are excited for you to be a part of our journey!

Bob and Jaymie Olmo

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